Google Ads

We will set up contextual advertising for your business
in Google Ads to attract potential customers


Contextual advertising is a powerful marketing tool for promoting a product, brand or business. Main goal: to attract a large number of clients to a new or existing project in a relatively short time. Google Adwords advertising is one of the services offered by our company. Turnkey development, implementation and support of advertising in Google Adwords.

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Customization cost


  • Manual assembly of semantics up to 100* key phrases;
  • Manual study of negative phrases;
  • Grouping phrases by frequency and meaning for maximum relevance;
  • Writing headlines for ad groups;
  • Writing one trade offer (text) per campaign;
  • Compilation of UTM tags;
  • Writing sitelinks;
  • Writing clarifications;
  • Consultations after the order.
  • from 120$. Contact
Additional options
  • Remarketing campaign (customer return) - from 80$.

  • Setting up Google Ads up to 200 keywords - from 140$.

  • Setting up Google Ads up to 300 keywords - from 220$.

  • Setting up Google Ads "Turnkey" - from 600$.

Contextual advertising in Google, when used correctly, is particularly effective in terms of promoting any business. The very type of advertising is familiar to absolutely any Internet user. These are pop-up windows that offer you to buy the product or service that you were interested in in the search engine. We can customize this type of alerts as accurately as possible, 100% hitting your audience.

Contextual advertising, having reached the “hot” client, performs several goals at once, including:

  • motivates to take the target action;
  • increases the level of sales;
  • works with brand awareness.

In order for contextual advertising to really cope with its tasks, it must be properly configured and well versed in updates in this area. Contact our professional web agency and get closer to your target audience thanks to us today!